Academic Translation

If you are a university student, struggling to make sense of an important research article to add to your assignment, we can translate the key content for you. You may also be preparing your own research articles, theses, and dissertations, and you want to write the text in the language that feels “closer to home”. We will translate all document types for you, fitting your readership’s needs.

If you are a researcher looking to publish or land funding, we assure you that the reviewers will be focusing exclusively on the content and quality of your research, enhancing the odds of achieving your goals. We will translate your manuscripts, abstracts, conference proceedings, or projects to publication standards.

Our working language pairs for academic translation are:

Content area Language pair Mode

English to Greek-
Greek to English

Spanish to Greek-
Greek to Spanish

Spanish to English-
English to Spanish

French to Greek

French to English

French to Spanish

ModoGlobal counts on extensive experience in academic writing. Check out our experience and credentials for academic translation.

Learn about our quality control policy for all topic areas. The translated document will be a true and complete representation of the source and will read just as well in the target language as it does in the original. This is the maximum quality guaranteed. For inquiries regarding academic translation or to place your request, simply contact us.