Editing and Proofreading Services

You may prefer to test your writing skills in English, Spanish, Greek, or French and need someone to edit and proofread the final text. We can help.

ModoGlobal edits and proofreads in a wide range of documents that fit in with any work ambition.

Professional Document Proofreading for Businesses

  • Brochures, Catalogues and Menus
  • Formal Correspondence: Emails, Letters etc.
  • Professional e-profile: Websites, Blogs
  • Mobile and Desktop applications
  • Newsletters and Press Releases
  • Surveys and Reports
  • Guides, Handbooks and Manuals

Document Proofreading for Aspiring Individuals

  • CVs, cover letters, personal statements or motivational letters
  • Correspondence: Letters, Emails, Posts
  • Websites and Blogs

Document Editing and Proofreading for Students and Researchers

  • School essays and university assignments. 
  • Research papers and conference proceedings. For those who want to publish in top notch academic conferences and journals, it is essential to have a good quality of writing to get accepted.
  • Theses and dissertations. If you identify with the view that good research work should not be undermined by language barriers, we can help you make sure that this will not happen to you.
  • Conference presentations and abstracts. Linguistically-sound abstracts, powerpoint presentations, and speeches can boost presenters’ confidence at small and large-scale events such as conferences, and congresses.
  • Grant proposals. Quality editing and proofreading prior to submission will ensure that the reviewer will not be focusing on your language skills but the quality of your research. This, in turn, will greatly improve your odds at landing funding.


We protect your interests at all times and costs by delivering all content in full confidentiality. For any inquiries about content editing or to place your request, simply contact us.