Community Interpreting

Our community interpreting service covers a wide range of settings, including:

  • Social and Legal Services
  • Medical appointments
  • Business meetings
  • Education

Our priority is set on helping you achieve your goals and ensure your well-being. By relaying what is spoken in the language that you understand, we seek to foster mutual understanding between you and the people you live and work with. But we also care about helping you develop a trusting relationship with them. We can be of service in the following language pairs:

Content area Language pair Mode
Specialized English to Greek-
Greek to English

Spanish to Greek-
Greek to Spanish


(incl. Whispering/chuchotage

+Sight translation of documents)
Spanish to English-
English to Spanish

+Sight translation of documents

This service can be customized to fit different needs and places of convenience, in Cyprus and abroad. More language pairs may be available upon request. To share your situation and/ or inquire about community interpreting, you can contact us here.