About ModoGlobal Translations

ModoGlobal is run by Victoria Antoniadou. Victoria was born in the Greek-speaking half of Cyprus. She has completed Language, Translation, and Education studies and has lived in Spain, the UK, and France. After a 5-year life-changing experience in Barcelona, she is now a Medical interpreter and translator, putting language mastery, cultural knowledge and previous experience into her own online translation service.

Translator Credentials

  • Greek native linguist, interpreter and translator
  • BA in French Language and Literature – University of Cyprus
  • MA in Advanced Languages Studies (UK), including French to English Interpreting and Translation: Technical Translation and Law
  • PHD in Language and Literature Education (SPAIN)
  • IoLET preparation diploma (Spanish to English): Technology, Business, Literature, Science, Social Science, Law
  • Life and work experiences abroad – 5 years in Barcelona, Spain; 1 year in Liverpool, UK; 6+1 months (Erasmus experience) in Nancy and Lyon, France
  • Interpreter for the University of Nicosia Medical School
  • Simultaneous/Whispered interpreting in General Medicine; Nicosia, November 2014-present; Greek into English
  • Sight translation of medical reports in General Medicine; Nicosia, November 2014-present; Greek into English
  • Simultaneous/Whispered interpreting in Adult and Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics; Nicosia, November 2014-present; Greek into English
  • Consecutive interpreting in Pediatrics; Nicosia, November 2014-present; Greek into English and vice versa, English into French and vice versa
  • Consecutive interpreting in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Neurology, and Surgery, General Medicine; Nicosia, November 2014-present; Greek into English and vice-versa; English into Spanish and vice versa
  • Consecutive interpreting in Child and Adult Psychiatry; English into Greek and vice versa, English into Spanish and vice versa, English into French and vice versa
  • Website translation from and into English, Spanish, French, Greek
  • Translated the 2016 official leaflet for the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society from Greek into English
  • Translated part of the Cyprus Tourism Organization website from English/Greek into French.
  • Translated research articles in Communication and Media Studies from Spanish into English
  • Translated letters for Urban Planning from Greek into English
  • Edited and reviewed online journals and research articles in Education: English, Spanish, and French
  • Conducted and published research in Applied Linguistics and Foreign Language (Teacher) Education
  • Language Teacher of English, French, and Spanish for private language institutes and private individuals (group or one-to-one classes)
  • Taught English for Specific Purposes at universities in Cyprus and Spain, including English for General and Academic Purposes, Dentistry, Physiotherapy

Medical interpreting

As a medical interpreter, I work in public hospitals in Cyprus. I work both independently and as part of a team of healthcare professionals, patients, and medical students. In 2014, I started working with the international student cohort, following the St. George’s, University of London medical program, as delivered at the University of Nicosia Medical School. I have been doing this ever since. My job mainly consists in facilitating communication between doctors, medical students, and patients from English to Greek and vice versa. I interpret the contributions between medical students and patients during history-taking, doctor-led clinical consultations and also sight translate medical documents. I have worked across medical and surgical specialties, including Child and Adult Psychiatry, Pediatrics, General Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Neurology, and Surgery. I am also fluent in French and Spanish, from and into which I have also interpreted and translated in the aforementioned settings. Learn about the role of medical interpreters here.

Education and professional training

Academically, I hold a Ph.D. in Language and Literature Education from the Department of Language, Literature and Social Science Education at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2008-2013). I have an MA in Advanced Language Studies from the Liverpool John Moores University (2005-2006), which included translation and interpretation training from French into English and vice-versa. I hold a BA degree in French Language and Literature from the Department of French Studies and Modern Languages at the University of Cyprus (2001-2005). I was an Erasmus student in Nancy and Lyon France for 6+1 months. I have taught English and French as Foreign Languages to young and adult audiences in Spain and Cyprus.

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