Quality control policy

Good translations are the result of linguistic mastery, appropriate transfer of meaning in cultural context and background knowledge on the topic and broader field. ModoGLobal interprets and translates in a wide range of fields.

To ensure quality, ModoGlobal translators and interpreters:

  • Identify the document’s target audience and readership’s needs
  • Conduct research on the topic prior to all document translation. During this research, we: (1) Form a well-rounded understanding of the context providing a background the document; (2) Identify key and other terminology that needs to be used in the translated document.
  • Ask and invite clients to discuss terminology. You are the primary experts in your thought process, the ideas you want to put forward, and the impact you want to achieve.
  • Convey the meaning of the document clearly, succinctly and meaningfully, with respect to cultural context.
  • Perform careful back translations i.e., referring back to the original text to rule out omissions of content and check accuracy of numerical and name transfer
  • Seek cross-checks by group of native field experts
  • Evaluate against the client’s satisfaction

ModoGlobal currently interprets and translates in combinations of Greek, English, Spanish, and French, taking advantage of the benefits of different types of translation technology. We currently use Translation Memory, Monolingual and Multilingual Specialized Dictionaries and Glossaries, and Editing Software. These types of software help us to better manage our time and enhance our (human) performance.

More languages may be available upon request. For inquiries about any of our services or to place a request, please contact us here.